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Role of the Family Physician Task Force

— Our Bridge to Your Future!
As a two-decade committed, community-based Task Force, we serve our vibrant and diverse population. We are recognized around the province, as a model of success in this recruitment and retention process. It is respected that as our community continues to grow, the need for Family Physicians will ever increase. Join your healthcare colleagues today on the trails, in tour biking groups or even on the rodeo circuit!

We welcome you, new Family Docs, looking for a promised career after years of medical training and commitment to healthcare.

We have learned your interests include a vibrant community steeped in historical achievements, a relaxed patient roster and incredibly supportive relationships with your peers.

You have come to the right place.

We have identified diverse local employment opportunities to give you the choice you seek in the next stage of your career path since residency.

We facilitate that introduction: given a local CHC; Family Health Organizations; and clinic environments; Fee-for-Service practices; and of course, Hospitalists. We are waiting to host you and those close to you as you explore the exciting amenities we enjoy.  The Grand River runs through our city and 97 kilometres of trails are part of the lure for relaxation. You work in the city yet play in the natural wilds that weave throughout on the Grand river’s edge. The deer watch you! And yes, we are proud of our eagle population fishing as you do the same.

The Brant Community Healthcare System (BCHS) is a two‐site hospital system in Southwestern Ontario. BCHS serves the City of Brantford, Brant County, Six Nations and Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation and surrounding communities. The combined population exceeds 150,000. The Brantford General Hospital site, in Brantford is a 300 bed Regional acute health centre. The Willett Hospital site, as part of the BCHS, provides urgent care, ambulatory services, and transitional care. We are within a half hour from McMaster’s Paediatric Services and the Hamilton Health Services as well as the many specialists working here to add value to the Family Physician toolkit.

What does 'Our Bridge to Your Future', mean?

The Grand River has been significant in Brantford for almost 200 years since the Indigenous peoples including the Neutral Tribe, Anishinabe and Haudenosaunee Nations separated 800 acres of their land and Chief Joseph Brant gave it for the creation of a new non-native community. It represented an historic bridging of two nations in peace. To this day we live in harmony, as demonstrated in the Wampum signifying two nations travelling along the same river independent yet respectful of our separate cultures.

Joseph Brant memorial statue

Also, the investments in early manufacturing bridged Brantford to be one of the largest industrial giants in Canada in the 1800’s including, at the turn of the century, one of the first electric streetcar systems, shown here in an artistic rendering merged next to the current library.

Then and Now photo of streetcar with public library

Find out why Brantford consistently ranks in the top 20% of most livable communities in Canada.

A relaxed patient roster and incredibly supportive relationships with your peers. Find out what opportunities await you in Brantford.

And a sophisticated early 1900’s fire station service next to the Federal building currently being repurposed as the new Municipal City Hall, alterations to be completed by 2022.

Then and now picture of old cars in front of post office

For added effect, we offer sunsets, that will stun you and offer tranquility and quality of life.

Our Recruiter is a health care
professional in Brantford

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Lebené Numekevor, Physician Recruiter

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Brantford sunset

Post-Secondary opportunity became an academic bridge for our population including Wilfrid Laurier University, and Nipissing University, Conestoga College, Six Nations Polytechnic (also partnered with Mohawk College, Cannadore College, Fanshawe College, Niagara College, Contact North, and STEAM Academy), private trainers, and dedicated training for physicians in collaboration with Hamilton Health Sciences through McMaster University.

Laurier Brantford Carnegie building

Taskforce Board Members

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Sandra Vos - Chair of Physician Recruitment Task Force
John Utley - Brantford City Councillor
Sandra Vos - Director, Brantford Chamber of Commerce
David Bailey - Mayor, County of Brant
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...and contributions from community organizations

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We invite you to contact the folks in our testimonials, as they went through the same inquiries.

We also recognize that enhancing your engagement and all those positive supporters of your efforts is important, and a number of our connections will do just that, such as:

  • Hospital Based Medicine program at the Brant Community Healthcare System
  • Our recruitment liaison with the Degroote School of Medicine, Brantford Campus
  • Years of relationships with the medical community with Brantford Recruitment at medical schools 

We also use our community partners to support spousal employment searches and introduction to local goods and services.

Technological innovation, not the least of which is that Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone here and the first long distance phone call originated successfully from Brantford.

Bell statue in front of Bell building

Brantford scientist, Dr. James Hillier co-invented the electron microscope.

Dr. James Hillier in his lab in the 1960's