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Dr. Lauren Kielstra: Followed her passion from Sudbury’s Big Nickel to Brantford’s Telephone City

I did my family medicine training in Brantford and as a resident I was always treated with respect. This collegiality is what motivated me to stay and lay down some roots here. On a personal and a professional level, it has always felt like a village. I was not aware of everything Brantford had to offer before I came here for my family medicine residency in 2017. 

“I have been able to grow my career in ways I never considered before. I now work in a variety of settings with some our city’s most vulnerable patients, and each day I am surrounded by kind and brilliant coworkers. It was an easy decision for me to stay locally after residency.”

Dr. Ivan Shcherbatykh and Dr. Julia Shcherbatykh: ‘From Russia with love’

They met in med school in Voronezh State Medical Academy, and after international credentials accumulated for both a dozen years later, set up their own broad-based private Brantford Clinic.

“We love the Brantford trails for family biking and running to relieve stress and the river for our kids to enjoy kayaking. After building our roots in the Brantford Medical community we decided to set up our own clinic to meet the diverse needs in the city and welcome other new doctors to join us.”

Dr. Nick Minos: After an 18-year successful career as an Advanced Paramedic in Toronto, it was time to look for more.

Med school called him at McMaster where he was taken under the wing of his Professor and Brantford welcomed him while his family supported the wild ride to follow.

“It was challenging... a great potential for growth… supportive (from family and colleagues) … and truly rewarding. Now, in Brantford, I can offer my experiences to new students in medicine as a Preceptor and mentor in my practice.”